Unlimited Internet = No Internet

Unlimited Internet.Unlimited Internet

On January 12th, 2013, my internet connection went down—after having enjoyed four months of very good, uninterrupted service.

The bill was  paid, so that wasn’t the problem, hmnn. I did the typical stuff, rebooted the ADSL modem, the wifi router and my computer but still had no joy. Scratched head.

Out on the balcony I discovered the problem. My phone line had been cut. Someone had gone down the street cutting all the wires criss-crossing it and I was living on the second floor (40ft).

In true Khmer fashion, no utility companies were notified in advance, cable tv, phone companies etc. While the cable was restored in a respectable amount of time, the internet connection was a different story. Below is an account of my attempt to get it fixed.


Interior of a stifling hot, brightly lit Metfone office.

PC: Hello, someone has cut the internet line to my flat, when can you have someone reconnect it?

Metfone Rep: Yes, so King father funeral can go.

(The revered King Norodom Sihanouk)

PC: Funeral not for another two weeks, when can you fix?

Metfone Rep: Sorry cannot.

PC: What? Cannot fix?

Metfone Rep: Maybe next month, 17th or 18th…

PC: What? that’s more than four weeks!

Metfone Rep: Yes, cannot until then.

PC: Well I not pay for no internet.

Metfone Rep: But you have unlimited internet.

PC: I have no internet!

Metfone Rep: Yes, you have unlimited internet.

 PC: I have no internet!

Metfone Rep:  No, you have unlimited internet.

 PC: If I go restaurant and order food and no get, I no pay. Same same for internet.

Metfone Rep: But you have unlimited internet Sir.

 PC: Not have internet!

Metfone Rep: No, you have unlimited.

PC: (Thinking) Oh sweet suffering mother of Jaysus.

Fade to black.

In the end the company made up for it by doubling my speed and discounting my future monthly bills to US$16.