Khnum sra lan Kampuchea! (I love Cambodia)

Having lived in Cambodia since 2012, I have experienced plenty of the Khmer counter-intuitive ways of doing things. A lot of foreigners get frustrated and really angry at this initially. If they don’t figure out how to cope with it, they end up becoming cranky, miserable, insufferable ex-pats. There are a number of them around sady.

Cambodians love to laugh and they light up enthusiastically to a big smile or a cheeky grin. Despite whatever trials and tribulations that can be experienced on a day-to-day basis, I always keep a smile or two in reserve for these situations.

But even better than that, during my daily routine, I usually see at least one thing that cracks me up or just has me laughing out loud. It’s these ‘moments’ that make up for any of the challenges that living here may present. Cambodian moments.

This site is dedicated to documenting these funny scenarios, the stunning countryside, the wonderful Khmer people, their super-rich culture and history.

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